In Tanzania, the agricultural lending operations of the largest agricultural bank of the country, responded only to the need to develop and transform and automatise the agriculture sector, but no instrument was dedicated to the adaptation of the sector which is becoming increasingly necessary as climate change impacts increase.

Client’s need:

Together with partners, finres supported the mobilization of GCF funding, from its private sector facility, to create a credit line and a guarantee facility dedicated to the resilience of the crop sector.

Solutions implemented by finres:

In the framework of this technical assistance, finres assessed the current and projected weather pattern and analyzed the crop value chain risk. finres also prepared crop-specific technology and practice needs assessments (TPNAs, an early version of r/invest underlying model) to prioritize categories of adaptation technologies for the agricultural sector in Tanzania. finres supported the bank along the whole GCF approval process.

Solutions deployed:

  • r/aware – Climate hazard analysis
  • r/rating – Crop value chain risk assessment
  • r/invest (early version) – Technology and Practice Needs Assessments (TPNAs) for climate change adaptation in the agriculture sector.


Closed after GCF approval

Amount raised:

USD 200 million

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