2°C increase
by 2050 compared with 1986-2005.
In the absence
of climate change adaptation solutions, agricultural yields could decline by at least 5% per degree of global temperature increase.
This would jeopardize our food security, farmers' incomes and macroeconomic performance.
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possible combinations of adaptation technologies and practices
The investments required for adaptation are estimated at between $340 and $500 billion. Ensuring the profitability of these investments is essential to building resilience in the agricultural sector. According to our modelling, an optimal combination of technologies and practices could increase productivity by up to 50%.
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Turning uncertainty into opportunity
finres analyzes the evolution of the climate and the suitability of crops according to their phenological characteristics in relation to this same evolution. Investments are prioritized using a decision-making approach under deep uncertainty (DMDU), which is extremely granular, from the regional level to the local level. Physical and portfolio transition risks are also taken into account.
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WCRP Open Science Conference – Day 1

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Mobilizing new financial mechanisms for resilience with commercial banks

Support to the country's largest commercial bank in its mobilization of new financial instruments for the resilience of agriculture
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Raising capital for resilience with public agricultural banks

Support to an international public bank and agricultural banks in raising capital for the resilience of agriculture in the Sahel
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