Climate change is the primary risk that financial institutions face in the agriculture sector. Finres offers comprehensive, granular modeling of this risk, quantifying its financial impact (r/rating). finres thus enables its integration into risk management policies, taxonomy and governance frameworks.


finres solutions also make it possible to prioritize investments in the face of climate constraints according to a logic of profitability and robustness (r/invest). Choosing the adaptation technology that will deliver – with the highest probability – the best return on investment for a given crop and territory is now within reach.


Become a player in agricultural resilience

Access to new calculation methods (eML and eAI), complex meteorological modelling and the latest knowledge on climate impact through an ergonomic application to make profitable and resilient investment decisions in real time.

To integrate climate hazards into risk management and be ready to meet growing regulatory requirements, it is essential to understand them in order to anticipate them.
Our granular rating system, inspired by leading agencies, enables us to assess the risks incurred by a specific crop in a given territory in real time and to suggest croops with less risk if necessary.
This interface proposes a taxonomy of technologies and practices for adapting to climate change - specific to a given territory and culture - with the most reliable profitability (IRR).
In response to national and international prudential developments in terms of extra-financial performance, finres measures the positive impacts of investments made (water saved, income preserved) ex-ante and ex-post (to come).
The best way to prepare for the future is to build it with resilience.

They are actors in resilience: