Solutions for climate-resilient investments

finres offers scientific and AI solutions to financial institutions in the agricultural sector and farmers to inform their investment decisions and increase their returns as the climate is changing.

Adapt today, harvest tomorrow

In the absence of adaptation measures, the effects of climate change have a significant impact on the financial health of those working in the agricultural world, endangering food security. finres transforms this risk into an investment opportunity and reconciles financial and extra-financial performance.

finres empowers farmers and investors alike to make smart decisions

Our tools and solutions support investors in the resilience cycle: understanding (r/aware) and assessing (r/rating) climate risks to prioritize investment decisions (r/invest) - taking into account current climates and future.

Resilience and Action

Improved agricultural water management for resilience

Analyzes aimed at raising capital to improve the efficiency of irrigation in the agricultural sector.
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Mobilizing new financial mechanisms for resilience with commercial banks

Support to the country's largest commercial bank in its mobilization of new financial instruments for the resilience of agriculture
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Raising capital for resilience with public agricultural banks

Support to an international public bank and agricultural banks in raising capital for the resilience of agriculture in the Sahel
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Deep experience in climate finance

A company created by a researcher in 2019, finres scientists put climate science and the latest technological advances at the service of the resilience of global food chains. finres operates in 32 countries and counts among its partners: the World Bank, the United Nations, BDP Bolivia and the Agence Française de Développement.
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